Paper spirits of the present past

Performance in the darkroom, three video’s and seven prints. 
This work is a collaboration with Afdruk56, part of the collective Ruang MES 56. Afdruk56 is a project that focusses on darkroom techniques and collecting negatives from the 20th century in Indonesia. Lehnhausen made a selection of portraits out of this collection and created a darkroom performance where film projections, objects and the negatives come together in one moment on the light sensitive paper. Seven portraits were printed in this darkroom ritual. 
During the exhibition in Yogyakarta, the making of the prints was presented as a performative act in itself. The visitors could join in to the darkroom and witness the ritual of printing the portraits. The printing ritual was choreographed to make a connection between present-day life and the faces of the past by combining analogue paper with a digital light source, projecting ancient rituals in daily modern life.