Post & Seeking Gold

gelatin silver prints, 106x90cm and 127x95cm, 2017

Post & Seeking Gold emerged out of a visual research into the visibility of the colonial past in Amsterdam. For these prints, I photographed the “Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum” and the “Koninklijk instituut voor de Tropen”. Two very prominent buildings in the city that played a big role during colonial times and are now functioning as museums.

For “Post” I made the prints with negatives that deteriorate while being exposed. This distorts the image and causes the building to break up into small pieces as if the skin of the walls are tearing apart.

In “Seeking Gold” images of the Royal Institute of the Tropics in Amsterdam are superimposed with pictures of photographs I made in Indonesia.

“Post” was presented in the “Making Waves” exhibition in Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam. “Seeking Gold” was part of “Matter of Time” in de Cacaofabriek, a group exhibition of 6 artist that work with the materiality of memories.